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fic masterlist: Tom/Ginny, Voldemort/Ginny links


A Goblet Darkly by Darcillian Snake [PG]
"Tom, what is this face I see? Did you truly trade your beauty and heart for power?"

According To My Bond by ellen_fremedon [NC-17]
"When she was dear to us, we held her so; But now her price is fallen." Voldemort/Ginny.

And Do I Dream Again by Musey Muse [R]
Abandon thought, and let the dream descend... Ginny has some strange dreams, as a phantom from her past calls her back.

And In Arcadia I by kitsune13/Catja Mikhailovic [R/NC-17]
"He tried to speak sometimes; Ginny studied his face and mentally supplied dashes and ellipses, where his thoughts burned for a start, a finish, that wouldn't come." George/Ginny. Implied Fred/George, implied Tom/Ginny (warning: underage).

Babalon by biichan [R]
Ginny re-evaluates her position. BL/GW/LV/LM. Slash, het, and femmeslash. Contains oblique references to RL ceremonial magick especially Aleister Crowley and brief mention of ritual pregnancy. Title is not misspelled.

Black Cherry by drusillas_rain [R]
Tom paid attention to her. Interested in what she had to say, what she thought, he had listened to her. Ten years later, a war is raging, and Ginny still feels bereft without him. [Ginny/Tom (past), Ginny/Harry, Ginny/Draco, Draco/Tom (past), Harry/Draco]

Black Roses by maniacalmuse/Thalia Kendall [PG-13]
Ginny remembers, and as she sits, surrounded by unusual roses for an unusual love, she reflects.

Bleed by monochromal/Amalin [R]
Mostly non-con Tom/Ginny, with Harry mixed in. Creepiness.

Broken by Chiya [NC-17]
Everyone always assumes that Ginny Weasley is as innocent as her name suggests. Sometimes, she even finds it funny. (TR/GW, RW/GW)

Chimaera by pogrebin [R]
"no more idols but me, me & you". creating images of yourself. HP/GW, TR/GW, Weasleycest.

Contagion by Mommybird [NC-17]
Snape conceives a desperate plan when Ginny Weasley asks him to reunite her with her beloved Tom Riddle. (SS/GW, TR/GW)

Diary by maelwaedd [NC-17]
AU. Voldemort gives all of his Death Eaters a token of his affection. One of them gets very annoyed.

Documentation of Her Life by tinkerpixy [NC-17]
He traces her freckles, and he calls them a documentation of her life. One freckle for every kiss, and she thinks of Harry when his mouth meets hers. (HP/GW, TR/GW)

Down the Rabbit Hole by inell [NC-17]
Following a battle against Voldemort, Ginny is taken captive and everything changes.

Dragon and Snake by snowflake_star [PG-13]
She could feel the caress of his voice as it turned into a hiss, curving around her neck, choking her of all breath.

The Empress' New Clothes by its_art [NC-17]
Ginny is unhappy with her current wardrobe and Tom does whatever he can to make his princess happy.

Five Things That Never Happened in The Chamber of Secrets by viola_dreamwalk [PG-13]
Five things that never happened to Ginny, Percy, Hermione, Ron, Tom or Harry.

Ghost Words by pocketfullof [NG-17]
"He used to write in diaries. Now your skin is his parchment."

Happily Ever After by novembersnow
Some things are meant to be. Except when they're not. HP/GW, HP/DM, TR/GW.

Heir by marvolo/mafaldaweasley and rhoddlet [R]
Things that happen out of the chamber are possibly worse than those that happen in it. [Tom/Ginny, Percy/Ginny]

Hide and Seek by stickmarionette [PG-13]
"Never leave me, Tom." The games children play. The events of one fateful night, told backwards through the eyes of one Virginia Weasley. HP/GW, DM/GW, TR/GW.

Immortality by inell [R]
He is her darkness. Voldemort/Ginny, Ginny/Hermione

In My Mind's Eye by shadowfey [NC-17]
Ginny thinks about Tom. Ginny introspective.

In The End by Queen of Mordor [PG-13]
Some years after CoS, Ginny is reflecting about her relationship to men in general, and Tom in particular. And it brings back very painful memories. Not a happy ficlet.

In This Dark Place by thursdaystgiles [R]
Ginny remembers living with Tom in her head. She wonders how she can be worthy of him again. Written as part of the "First Kill Project." Ginny/Voldemort/Tom. Horror, angst, Romance, drama.

Incarnate by cedarlibrarian [PG-13]
For seven years I've resisted retrieving the second copy.

Ink-Stained Plan by starrysummer [NC-17]
The blood-black ink flourishes, seduces, and shows her the way. When Harry destroys it, she has to realise her own plan, her own way, yet in those envy-green eyes, she thinks she can find it once again. (HP/GW, TR/GW)

Kore Revisited by fearthainn [PG]
Ink and roses.

Loyal Like a Puppy by its_art [NC-17]
When Voldemort sees Ginevra kiss Draco, he decides to teach his lady a lesson. (Voldemort/Ginny/Greyback, Tom/Ginny)

The Lubberkin Dancing by mirabellawotr [PG]
Ginny is such a teenie.

Marked by its_art [NC-17]
There was something so perverse about being garbed in white.

Mealy Bug by ztrin [PG-13]
Ginny can't get rid of Tom's hunger pangs.

Mirrors Never Lie by rhiddle [R]
He likes pretty things, and you're just another pretty thing in his collection.

Never Smile At A Crocodile by marvolo/mafaldaweasley [NC-17]
Living in the diary is like living in a fairytale.

Nevermore a Butterfly by Abaddon/nothingbutfic [R]
He who fights monsters invariably becomes one. (TR/GW, TR/HP)

Nightmares and Dreamscapes by nokomis305 [PG-13]
Ginny was the filthy one. TR/GW, TR/DM, DM/GW.

Of Kismet by arugentine/Li Kayun [PG-13]
In which Ginny and Riddle have as civilized a conversation as possible, among other things.

On Light and Darkness by mores0ul [G]
"It's a beautiful world outside these walls, and I love you too much to hold you down."

Parchment by _hannelore [PG]
Third person Ginny Weasley, after the Chamber of Secrets.

the pieces of this puzzle by rubykate [NC-17]
Ginny's been dreaming about Tom for a long time now.

Please Love Me by Cosmic Angel [PG-13]
Ginny was ensnared by the dangerous charms of Tom Riddle. Years later, she still cant forget him. But now things are getting more dangerous; Tom wants Harry, and Ginny's slowly being driven insane by her love...

Queen of Hollywood by Abaddon/nothingbutfic [R]
Domestic harmony at its lowest. (TR/GW, HG/GW)

Rag Dolls by stickmarionette [PG-13]
He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you. - Nietzsche. Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, and Tom Riddle. The game has began. For our desires, for our lives, we all play.

Rape the Willing by Bitch Willow [R]
You can't. Ginny/Tom/Harry.

Relative by amethyst_soul [PG-13]
He smiled and released his grip on the book. "Your so-called 'truth' is closer than you think."

Remember Me by JediPrincess1 [PG]
During Ginny's last year at Hogwarts, she decides to visit the Chamber of Secrets for one last time.

Running in the Family by its_art [NC-17]
Bill is a prisoner of Tom Riddle. Tom's consort visits him daily for special "sessions". Tom/Ginny, Bill/Ginny.

A Safe Darkness by AlexandraLynch [NC-17]
Old sins cast long shadows, and safety takes many forms. (TR/GW, DM/GW)

Scarred by fae_eyes/Aradia Ring [R]
Sometimes scars are on the inside. Sometimes they aren't. Sometimes a scar is a someone.

Schoolgirl by Serene Chaos [R]
"Schoolgirl. Innocent schoolgirl. Pure as the falling snow, innocent as the Virgin Mary schoolgirl." Tom & Ginny in the Chamber.

Secrets Left in The Chamber by three_pointer [NC-17]
Tom suffers incredible agony in his journey to reincarnation in the Chamber of Secrets. Although his transformation is incomplete, he remembers his girlfriend, Olive Hornby, who looked remarkably like Ginny Weasley. Her memory causes Tom to resurrect long-forgotten emotions and desires.

Silly Little Girl by muse_0f_fire [PG]
When everything is over and the heroes have been congratulated and finally sleep, the damsel is still far from saved.

Sleepless in Scotland by mein_einhorn [PG-13]
No matter how hard she tries, Ginny can never sleep when she's at Hogwarts. It's like someone's constantly trying to keep her awake -- to keep her from dreaming traitorous dreams.

Slipping Away by freckles42 [PG-13]
Tom Riddle had never really left Ginny's mind.

The Slithering Queen by ESP [PG-13]
Little Ginny Weasley hosts a dark guest in the night... She thought she heard a noise, like a whisper of a cloak or a vague hiss of conversation, a sound in her head as if it had skipped her ears. TR/GW, HP/GW.

So I Married an Evil Overlord by fae_eyes/Aradia Ring [PG-13]
Ginny Weasley is your average witch. Except, of course, she‘s married to a Dark Lord. A Dark Lord in a bad mood. Uh-oh… Mama never said how to deal with your man in a homicidal rage. But Ginny might have an… idea. Humor.

The Stars in Her Eyes Shine Brightest at Night by sionnain [NC-17]
When Ginny is captured by the Dark Lord, she hopes he will remember the diary. He remembers.

Tears Of Sullen Remembrance by Napolean [R]
He is killing her to save himself, she knows that is not the way to tell someone you love them, but also knows he knows no other way.

This Page I Keep for You by Llewellyn McEllis [PG-13]
Years after becoming intimate friends with a young, misunderstood wizard in an enchanted diary, Ginny Weasley reflects on her loneliness and everything she learned from her old friend Tom Riddle.

Through the Floorboards by rhoddlet [PG]
The Weasley clock is broken, and Ginny tries to wind it back up again.

A Tiger by the Tail by viola_dreamwalk [PG-13]
Harry and Ginny get married, have a baby, and live ever after. (TR/GW, HP/GW)

Untitled by gileonnen [R]
You can kill a man, but you can't kill an idea. Tom/Ginny/Voldemort/Draco.

The Very Thought of You by Abaddon/nothingbutfic [R]
This fairytale is dead and her Prince Charming is nowhere to be found. (TR/GW, Ginny/Harry)

Waxworks by ishuca [NC-17]
On Voldemort and the many gifts he has given Ginny. Dried flowers, severed heads, and the memory of blood detail life with Voldemort.

With Eye and With Gesture by melannen [R]
Harry and Ginny only have one thing in common: Tom Riddle. Harry/Ginny/Tom.

A Wondrous Riddle-Book by kethlenda [R]
Bondage, Legilimency. Ginny is 16-17. This story makes use of the very real traditions once associated with St. Agnes' Eve.

Yes - the Virginia Mix by anaimos [R]
Virginia dreams at night, and her nightmares take her back to the Chamber and a cruel, elegant mind. She isn't the only one there. Ginny/Tom/Harry. A remix of Yes by novembersnow.

Yes, Virginia, There Is An Orgasm by darkrosetiger [NC-17]
Tom teaches Ginny a few things about the birds and the bees. Not what you might think.

chaptered fics, complete

Caught in the Dark by Trixie-Guest [PG-13]
Ginny's wildest dream comes true: Tom and her are finally together.. but there are some problems. One: He's stuck in a diary. Two: He doesn't love her. Three: She's caught in the dark.

Dark Queen by crystallinevine/Potter'sHottie [PG-13]
Ginny and Harry are married, Harry works for the Order, Ginny's life seems perfect. But when she's kidnapped by Death Eaters and is taken to Azkaban, her life will never be the same again. She falls for the dark lord. Memories return, emotions are complex. Ginny betrays Harry and her family, believing in the Dark side. H/G, R/Hr, eventually Voldemort/Ginny.

Hungry Spider and sequel Robinson by littlemaiko [PG-13]
Tom Riddle starts appearing to 13-year-old Ginny.

Paper Should Be Good Enough by cyanide_blue [R]
Tom Riddle isn't just charismatic; to Ginny Weasley, he's an addiction. T/G and H/G. Definite darkfic, not for the weak-hearted.

Patience is a Virtue by Glaurificus [R]
A prequel to Shackles are a Girl's Best Friend, explaining just Ginny got to be in that torture room.
Shackles Are a Girl's Best Friend by Glaurificus [R]
Evil!Ginny and a man in chains. Evil!Tom and a girl in chains. And they called it puppy love...

This Page I Keep for You by Llewellyn McEllis [PG-13]
Years after becoming intimate friends with a young, misunderstood wizard in an enchanted diary, Ginny Weasley reflects on her loneliness and everything she learned from her old friend Tom Riddle.

Trapped by Cosmic Angel [R]
Ginny Weasley wants a new diary... and an old one wants her.

chaptered fics, in progress

China Doll by Herentas Meridiae/delirantrose [R]
No one can stop the Dark Lord and the woman who helped him to regain his full power, is now his china doll. AU

Crimson Ink by rhiddle [PG-13]
AU. Ginny has vanished into thin air, what if something different had happened down in Slytherin's lair? [dormant WIP]

Expectations of Grandeur by Josephine Sawyer [PG]
It is our choices who make us who we are, but sometimes those choices have already been made for us. Tom is back and has to choose again.

Fear of Falling by Faeline [R]
Ginny Weasley and the restoration of a memory. Part 1 of 3 TRxGW She came to the place where she'd once been known, by dream, ephemeral vision, or insidious seducer - she didn't care. Slight Movie Canon.

Fifty Years Ago by Aquiriis [PG]
He looked at her ferociously, his eyes flashing. 'It's not that,' he said, both irritated and frustrated. 'I don't care about him. It's you I'm worried about.'

The Forgotten and the Remembered by cognosco/Sida [PG-13]
Ginny comes across the diary in her 6th year and brings Tom back into the world.

Hello, Ginny Weasley by ginnysdarkside [R]
Young Tom Riddle has been trapped inside a diary for 50 years. When he emerges, he causes chaos, and forever alters the life of one young girl.

Lady Darkness by its_art and raendrop [NC-17]
Being possessed by Tom Riddle wrought changes in Ginny Weasley no one could have imagined. Six years after first finding the diary, she's reached her goal. Now, Harry and Order face their most difficult challenge: fighting a friend.

My Eternal Curse by Mara456 [PG-13]
Ginny thought she was free of Tom Riddle forever… only to discover that he never really left. Now she must confront him and her own worst fears before it's too late. But how do you fight an enemy that knows you better than you know yourself?

My Heart is a Riddle by White Tyger [PG-13]
During Ginny Weasley's 6th year Tom Riddle is exposed as a victim of Lord Voldemort and Riddle's 16-year-old self is returned to Hogwarts. Read and see what happens when Tom ends up in Gryffindor with Ginny.

Sinister Charm and Deception by Sapphire Crystal Aurora Angel/sakura_flowers [PG-13]
It's always how Harry saved Ginny and ended the Heir of Slytherin's horror reign over Hogwarts. But remember when Harry was about to strike the Basilisk Fang through Tom Riddle's diary? This is my take on what could've happened if Harry never did.

Snake Eyes by sixcandlesandamatch1 [NC-17]
Ginny discovers she can't run from her past as she finds herself again in the grip of the first boy she ever loved. "Those ropes are charmed to tighten when you struggle."

Sympathy for the Devil by Eiez [PG-13]
The Dark Lord has a plan to rise again, more powerful than before. But what happens when his simple plan goes so awfully wrong? His fully restored diary ends up in the hands of an almost matured Ginny Weasley and this time, she's ready for him.

Tainted by Trixie-Guest [PG-13]
Sequel to Caught in the Dark. Tom's trying to piece together a puzzle that's been bothering him for months: why & how his Virginia truely died. How can he find out? Well, someone points out that there's a way: Just ask her. Will it be as easy as he wishes it to be?

There's Something About Ginny by HadasL [R]
A gift Ginny inherits from Tom Riddle proves to be a curse as Voldemort does all he can to attain it, having things up his own sleeve as well.

To Return to the Chamber of Secrets by comettail [R]
Voldemort underestimates the power of love... but when Ginny shows up, will he underestimate the power of lust, too? Dark Ginny, TR/GW, LV/GW, smut, blood, language. Also, MetroSnape.

Walking Higher by Faith Accompli/witchsight [R]
Ginny's fifth year. She feels ignored and unloved, so she does what any irrational teenage witch would do: bring back a sociopathic young dark lord who tried to kill her. Of course, this time she's in complete control of the situation. Really.

You belong to me! by kitty_d [PG-13]
Voldemort gets his old diary back, and has his eyes focused on young Ginny Weasley.

other TR-LV/GW resources
~ sublimeclarity's masterlists: TR/GW one-shots and TR/GW chaptered fics
~ LJ comms: toxic_letters (all ages, TR/GW only, no LV/GW), dark_diary (over 18, TR/GW and LV/GW), gin_n_toxin
~ Yahoo lists: GinandTonicship, ginny_n_tom, Dangerous Innocence
~ SCUSA thread at FAP: S.S. Gin'n'Tonic, and cruisin' fic thread

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