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fic masterlist: Tom/Albus, Voldemort/Albus links


Afterlife by dracothelizard [PG-13]
After the events of HBP, Albus falls into the hands of Voldemort. What will the Dark Lord do to him?

A Half a Conquest by wired_lizard/Arkady [R]
Patterns repeat through history: Tom was not the first to be haunted by his enemy's former self, and Tom was not the first to preserve his own self. Tom/Young!Albus.

Auburn by tartanshell [NC-17]
"No thank you, sir. I don't particularly care for sweets."

Chocolate Frogs by the_gentleman [NC-17]
Foodsmut, chan (Tom is 15).

Coming Home by dalhessian [PG]
The smile the old man gave him set a scum of frost skittering across his heart. Was it fear?

Double Penetration by _hannelore [NC-17]
Tom Riddle gets what he wants. (Slughorn/Riddle/Dumbledore)

Drawing Breath by katers007/Kate Lynn [R]
Voldemort possesses Dumbledore. A non-consensual sexual moment occurs.

He loves me, he loves me not by S1 [PG]
A short, sweet Albus and Riddle fic, set after the war. Musings and manipulations (on Harry's part) resulting in Fluffiness.

He's got the whole world in his hands by monochromal/Amalin [R]
Tom Riddle, around the world. Dumbledore tries to cure him of his Muggle hatred, with blood and touch and games of hide and seek. Disturbed.

Master by soldurios/Malfoy Patriarch [NC-17]
Tom. Dumbledore. Pure chan smut with a promise of Moody.

Memory by dalhessian [PG-13]
Yes, I remember him. As no others can.

Old Fool by lunalelle [PG-13]
From the very beginning, Albus Dumbledore never admitted to himself that he was afraid of dark, little Tom Riddle. (AD/TR, AD/SS)

Passive by emcue [R]
It was gone as soon as it had come: a fleeting moment of certainty's opposite.

Split by pauraque/Eodrakken [NC-17]
Tom can make everyone do what he wants. (Tom/Slughorn, Tom/Albus)

the desire of the moth for the star by absinthe_lust [NC-17]
The most important thing, he soon realized, was that he had no equal. (Tom/Minerva, Tom/Albus, Tom/Myrtle)

The Faery Power Of by nicolae [NC-17]
It would not, Tom hoped, look odd to anyone passing by. He was Dumbledore's favorite student, and they often spent hours together in the man's office, purportedly (and sometimes in truth) practicing Transfiguration or Legilimency. They knew one another's minds inside and out.

The King is Dead, Long Live the King by alibi_factory/Nathan Stack [R]
A coming-of-age story, of sorts.

The Weighted Tongue by graeae [NC-17]
A secret admirer shares further secrets. Dumbledore/Riddle/Basilisk.

Things We Said by dalhessian [PG-13]
"What does it profit a man to gain the world if he loses his soul, Tom?"

Those Good Old Times by Walter O'Dim [PG]
The two greatest wizards of our time meet to mark the completion of the best period of their lives.

Untitled by Calliopiea [R]
Two enemies spend the night together.

Untitled by gileonnen [PG-13]
We all know why Tom Riddle turned evil... his heart was broken by none other than Dumbledore himself...

Untitled by enochiansigils [PG-13]
Albus Dumbledore knew he was in for it the moment he walked into his office and found Tom Riddle lounging oh-so-casually in the chair behind the desk.

Warnings by el_em_en_oh_pee [PG]
Good and Evil is not necessarily defined as Heaven and Hell.

When The Student Is Ready by coldcoffeeeyes/Anna [PG]
Albus Dumbledore ponders the ongoing responsibilities of teaching, post Tri-Wizard Tournament.

Why is there a large phoenix on the front? by s8219 [PG-13]
To both men's credit, neither started to scream.

chaptered fics, complete

Bittersweet by kawaiislashyhxd/Shinigami Liliz Black [R]
During the war, Voldemort and Dumbledore face each other; that's when an unexpected vortex sucks them both in, leaving interesting results. Young!Voldemort/Young!Albus.

But A Sword by nicolae [NC-17]
1939. Legilimency lessons. "Professor, can I stay here? I'm scared." Storm clouds. Detention. Cigarettes. "On your knees, Mr. Riddle." Blood. Tears. Sweat. "I am Lord Voldemort." Chan.

Compelling Autumn by dragons_muse/Vera [NC-17]
A youth potion backfires. Mistakes are made and lessons learned. Tom/Young!Albus.

The Only One He Ever Feared by Lina84 [PG-13]
The decline of a boy's soul; Tom Marvolo Riddle during his final years as a human...and my version of how Voldemort was born. The death of a soul and the birth of a monster, and Dumbledore caught up in between. (Dumbledore/Riddle, Malfoy/Riddle)

chaptered fics, in progress

If you know of any Albus/Tom WIPs, do tell.

other TR-LV/AD resources
~ LJ comms: voldemort_albus
~ Yahoo list: none
~ SCUSA thread at FAP: S.S. Wise and Wicked, and cruisin' fic thread
~ Great Minds: the Dumbledore and Lord Voldemort fanlisting

Additions/corrections? Leave a comment.
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