June 3rd, 2007


Dark Lord News 94

~ The Art of Strategy and Peace by Anonymous [Voldemort/Lucius/Harry, NC-17] When Harry makes a deal with Voldemort, he gets more than he bargains for.
~ The Return to the Fold by the_minx_17 [Voldemort/Snape, R] The night of Voldemort's return to power.
~ The Hard Way by Anonymous [Voldemort/Harry, NC-17] Some lessons have to be learnt the hard way.
~ Dreams by Anonymous [Tom/Harry, NC-17] Dreams can be interesting places for one such as Harry Potter.
~ Inside by barbie_manish [Harry/Voldemort, Harry/Ron (exteremly brief), Harry/Snape, Harry/Lucius, NC-17] Harry has defeated Voldemort, but why is his rape now his wet dream? Furthermore, why does he keep sleep-raping his friends?
~ What It Means To Be Black by Anonymous [Regulus/Tom, implied Regulus/Severus, NC-17] Regulus Black had been Sorted into Slytherin – as it should have been. In Slytherin house he hero-worshipped a striking, dour young man and determined to follow him, wherever he led.
~ Synchronicity (Side B) by archon_mentha [Tom/Harry, NC-17] Harry should probably learn to control his unconscious mind when it comes to Tom Riddle.
~ "Take THAT wand, Voldemort!" by reignofthenight [Tom-Voldemort/Harry, PG-13] Voldemort faces the consequences of one past action in a way he had never imagined.
~ updated: Spiritus Mundi by shaitanah, Ch. 6 [LV/HP]
~ updated: Shaking the Doll by kcstories, Ch. 8 [TR/HG]
~ updated: Altered Destinies by DobbyElfLord, Ch. 28 [HP, TR]
~ updated: Tom Riddle and the Pure-Blood Prince by PensievePerson, Ch. 22 [TR/Eileen]
~ updated: A Thread of Time by Eloise Yaxley, Ch. 8 [TR/HP]
~ updated: Only the Beginning by Silent Falcon/falconfalmorgan, Ch. 12 [TR-LV/GW]
~ updated: Viper by Nocens, Ch. 16 [LV/HP]
~ updated: Carpe Diem by Bertie Bott/ashleythewriter, Ch. 22 [TR/HG]
~ updated: To Return to the Chamber of Secrets by comettail/guns_in_summer, Ch. 17 [TR-LV/GW]
~ updated: Kindergarten Trouble by kenthomas, Ch. 9 [TR, HP]
~ updated: A Touch of Evil by DaggersBloodPain, Ch. 4 [TR-LV/HP]
~ started: Un Coeur Gris by Tsurai no Shi [Voldemort/Harry, R] Sequel to Noir Et Blanc. Harry's back in his original time, but there are just a few minor problems. Namely Voldemort. Vampire!Harry. Dark themes.
~ completed: Quills and Quest by lunalelle [Lupin/Snape/Tom, NC-17] They thought Voldemort was dead, but as Harry destroyed the last of the Horcruxes, he found a way to preserve the main part of his soul in one of his original Horcruxes. Once the Order finds the soul again, they are left with a question: whether or not what is left is the Dark Lord at all... and whether Snape and Lupin can have him for their own instead.

Art & Icons
~ Qui Vive by Anonymous [Voldemort/Snape, Wormtail, Nagini, NC-17]
~ The Cat Got His Tongue by slytherinfiend [Tom, various, G]
~ Snake Charmer by slytherinfiend [Tom, snake, PG-13]
~ Fond Memories by slytherinfiend [Tom-Voldemort, PG-13]
~ Sweet Dreams by sadademort [Voldemort/Harry, PG]
~ 22 Tom Riddle icons by imladyvoldemort

News & Opinions
~ riddle_gifts Dark Lord fest now posting fics and art every day
~ Inconclusive wants recs for fics about Tom Riddle's school days
~ PygmyPuff20 wants recs for Tom/Bellatrix and Tom/Hermione fics
~ thread started by Marauder: Quirrell and Riddle's diary - what exactly are the students told?
~ thread started by Pearl Jam: Aftermath of the Riddle murders
~ thematic_hp: claim a prompt for Round 6: dark Harry or other "good" character

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