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fic masterlist: Tom/Malfoys, Voldemort/Malfoys links


The Balcony Scene by soldurios/Malfoy Patriarch [NC-17]
Parody/Humour with a bit of smut. Lucius/Voldemort

Before I'm Dead by Batwings [NC-17]
The Maiden of Nuremberg holds many ghastly secrets... and Draco learns of them... (Draco/Voldemort)

Breaking Expectations by x post facto [NC-17]
Draco meets Voldemort for the first time and makes a request of his father. (Voldemort/Draco, Lucius/Draco)

Born To Be Mine by ginny1313 [R]
He was just a boy, and he made you his slave. Tom/Lucius.

The Coming of the End by maeglinyedi [NC-17]
Voldemort knows just what he'll do with Draco Malfoy.

Deaf and Dumb and Blind with Love by maeglinyedi [NC-17]
Tom Riddle has never known love, until he goes to visit his father. (Tom/Malfoy!OMC)

A Delicious Agony by Just Silver [R]
'You always hurt the one you love' says Lucius. Tom learns this lesson again and again and again....Dark slashiness inside.

Dominance by capitalflash [NC-17]
Who is the master and who is the servant? (Tom/Lucius)

Drip...drip by soldurios/Malfoy Patriarch [NC-17]
Something is obviously leaking. Rated for rape. Lucius/Voldemort, Lucius/Crouch, implied Lucius/Snape

Freeing the Moon by Just Silver [PG-13]
The full moon means many different things to different people... To Lucius Malfoy, it meant memories of a strange boy ... and a time when magic came in all forms. Riddle/Lucius fic, exploring many facets of their relationship.

Grow Old Along With Me by lasultrix/Lasair [R]
Sometimes, you have to rip yourself away. Tom/Draco.

Happiness In Slavery by TheAngelOfSilence [NC-17]
Abraxas Malfoy will do anything for Tom Riddle's approval.

In Memoriam by nothingbutfic/Abaddon [R]
Just before Second Year, Lucius gives his son a present for his birthday: a battered old diary. What does Draco find within the pages? (Tom/Draco, Draco/Harry)

Incendiary by ari_o [R]
Tom/Lucius. Just after the end of CoS, Lucius remembers his first fascination with the young and charismatic Tom Riddle.

Just Desserts by bonibaru [PG-13]
Draco's survival instincts may outweigh his good sense.

Map Of The World by shaitanah [PG]
Tom/Abraxas. A little one-shot about Tom planning his future.

Night and Day by GoldenSilence [PG-13]
Harry/Draco and Tom/Draco. Things rarely stay within the boundaries of a clearly defined black and white.

Of Flesh and Bone by maeglinyedi [NC-17]
Lucius craves what Voldemort cannot give him. LV/LM.

Petals of Desire by xandria_ii [NC-17]
Voldemort/Lucius, a bit of blood play. A bit of mental rumination on how Voldemort sees his relationship with Lucius -- their wants and needs. Oh, and some fucking on a piano in the Malfoy conservatory amidst rose petals.

Phantoms in Opera by aduxxx [R]
Voldemort/Draco/Snape. Warning: date rape.

Power Play by birgitriddle [PG]
"I hate you, Lucius. In fact, I hate everything. Except for power maybe. That I can…enjoy."

Predator by thysanotus [NC-17]
Lucius Malfoy/Walden Macnair/Lord Voldemort (as Tom Riddle). Set during MWPP era. Lucius and Walden have just left school.

(Re)Living by wilde_stallyn [NC-17]
Lucius takes a walk down memory lane. Or perhaps memory lane takes a walk down him. (Voldemort/Lucius, Voldemort/Lucius/Snake Cane, Voldemort/Lucius/Nagini, Lucius/Narcissa)

The Rise of the Serpent and the Descent of the Phoenix by Jadwiga/luthienberen [NC-17]
What if Harry and Fawkes had lost the battle in the Chamber of Secrets? What then? (Tom/Lucius)

Scars by nicolae [NC-17]
Tom Riddle and Lucius Malfoy. 1964. "His biggest secret is that when Tom comes to visit, he always slips out of his room in the middle of the night in his dressing gown and slippers and nightshirt and comes to Tom's room." Chan.
Telling Stories by nicolae [PG]
Tom Riddle tells his best little boy a bedtime story. Same universe as Scars.

Seven Days in a Sepia Room by kay_taylor [R]
A photograph, and memories, and seduction by smoke and shadows. (TR/DM, TR/LM)
The Taste of Memory by kay_taylor [R]
Small snippet which goes with Seven Days in a Sepia Room. LM/TR.

Slip Sliding Away by sine_que_non767 [NC-17]
Layer upon layer of memories, and still the answer eludes him. (LV/LM)

Teacher, Lover, Master by tcregan [NC-17]
Lucius meets a very interesting man by the name of Tom Riddle, who is to be his tutor.

Thomelise by kashuarashi [NC-17]
Voldemort/Lucius. A dark and twisted take on the origins of Draco Malfoy.

Today, I Saw The Devil by soldurios/Malfoy Patriarch [R]
A young Severus comes across Lucifer while the demon goes shopping. LM/SS, LM/LV

Tonight by causeways [PG-13]
Lucius meets Tom in the dungeons. Slash. Set during their Hogwarts years.

Transience by moondanger [PG]
Lucius/Tom. In which everything is not quite tangible, and love struggles to hold on.

Tyranny's Destiny by xandria_ii [R]
Lucius Malfoy uses a time turner to affect Tom Riddle during his formative years as an SS Officer in 1945 for the purpose of altering their arrangement when Voldemort arises. AU. Violence. Slash.

Varlet by nicolae [R]
You child of endless night! You can not hurt me / Or any other man who sees the sun. (TR/DM)

chaptered fics, complete

Beyond This Point Lie Monsters by kennahijja [R]
When Harry sneaks into Hogwarts nether regions to spy on a visiting Lucius Malfoy, he has no idea what he's getting himself into. A different kind of showdown between Lucius Malfoy, Harry Potter and Tom Riddle.

Master and Servant by Jadwiga/luthienberen [R]
Tom/Lucius. Telling of a master and servant and how Lucius was meant to follow the Dark Lord, because of his father.

The Only One He Ever Feared by Lina84 [PG-13]
The decline of a boy's soul; Tom Marvolo Riddle during his final years as a human...and my version of how Voldemort was born. The death of a soul and the birth of a monster, and Dumbledore caught up in between. (Tom/Dumbledore, Tom/Malfoy!OMC)

chaptered fics, in progress

Dark Hearts by Ice Cold Absolution [R]
Draco has a job to do for Voldemort and he will do anything his master asks. Draco/Voldemort, some Draco/Harry in later chapters.

The Dark Lord's Pet by golden_helikaon [R]
Lord Voldemort is not happy at all about his servants being in Azkaban after the loss of his prophecy, and even less impressed with the state of his beautiful blond after time in the prison. LV/LM, mpreg.

The Dark Prince and his Consort by Jadwiga/luthienberen [R]
Tom/Lucius. Sequel to Master and Servant. The Dark Lord and Lucius are together, but five years on they still meet resistance in the form of one Bill Weasley. That is, until he is captured. Hint of Mpreg.

Echo by Epicurean [R]
Draco, forsaken and abandoned, brings back Tom Riddle. Spinning into an unstoppable spiral, the events are more than Draco could've ever hoped for. TR/DM, HP/DM. Based on the book Fight Club. [dormant WIP]

Good Intentions by SheWolfe7 [NC-17]
LV/HP, LM/HP, LV/HP/LM. Definitely AU! Featuring Dark! possibly Evil!Harry. Betrayed by the Wizarding World after defeating Voldemort, Harry makes a wish and wakes to find himself in an Alternate Universe during Voldemort's first rise to power. Vowing to destroy his enemy by any and all means possible, Harry finds an ally in a Seer who makes him an offer he can't refuse. They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions…too bad no one told Harry that!

Haunted by Serpentina [NC-17]
After stumbling across an old blood-stained diary, Draco is stalked by a strange new student. One that only he can see. The stranger wants something from Draco. And he won't stop torturing him until he gets it.

The Union of the Snake by Kaitlyn Carson/kcstories [NC-17]
When an old parchment gets soaked during a Potions mishap, an unwelcome visitor from the past appears and turns Harry's seventh year into something entirely unexpected. Tom/Draco, Tom/Harry, Harry/Draco.

With a Velvet Tongue by daninekintscher [NC-17]
In the clutches of the Dark Lord, Tom Riddle finds hope in the only two wizards who can save him. Tom/Harry/Draco.

Within These Pages by wired_lizard/Arkady [NC-17]
Young Tom. Older Lucius. In the diary. "Dark kinky sex between evil twisted men."

Words of a Serpent by Malfoys Mistress [R]
Journal writing has a whole new meaning. When Tom Riddle's old school journal makes its way into different hands, the wizarding world is not prepared for the consequences. Neither is Draco Malfoy. [dormant WIP]

other TR-LV/Malfoys resources
~ LJ comms: none
~ Yahoo lists: Master and Servant for TR-LV/Lucius
~ SCUSA ship threads at FAP: H.M.S. Dark Side (TR-LV/LM) and H.M.S. Heart of Darkness (TR-LV/DM); TR-LV/LM cruisin' fic thread and TR-LV/DM cruisin' fic thread.

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