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Dark Lord News 89

~ Satan's Cabana Boy by Anonymous [Tom, PG-13] Nineteen-year-old Tom Riddle traps a piece of his soul in yet another magical object.
~ Watching You Fall by mandya06 [Tom/Minerva, NC-17] It happened when no one was around.
~ Different Now by slytherykin [Ginny, Tom, PG-13] Ginny doesn't feel like a child anymore, and even ice-cream and sunshine won't change that.
~ drabble: Boy or Man? by vinofaerie [LV, SS, PG]
~ updated: Control Issues: Aftermath by Shivani/grazhir, Ch. 7 [LV/HP]
~ updated: Serendipity by macvanaly, Ch. 57-58 [TR/HP]
~ updated: Shaking the Doll, Ch. 2 by kcstories [TR/HG]
~ updated: Altered Destinies by DobbyElfLord, Ch. 25 [HP, TR]
~ updated: To Return to the Chamber of Secrets by comettail, Ch. 15 [TR-LV/GW]
~ updated: Only the Beginning by Silent Falcon/falconfalmorgan, Ch. 9 [TR-LV/GW]
~ updated: The Dark Prince and his Consort by Jadwiga/luthienberen, Ch. 9 [TR/LM]
~ updated: Do Over by Mahalia Gaunt, Ch. 9 [TR/OC]
~ updated: Tom Riddle and the Pure-Blood Prince by PensievePerson, Ch. 21 [TR/Eileen]
~ updated: Shifted Memories by broken-smiles, Ch. 8 [HP, TR]
~ started: Circles by The Creatress, Ch. 1 [Tom-Voldemort/Ginny, PG-13] Ginny's done something during her first year that's haunting her. She has something of Voldemort's. Hermione's been helping her hide this dark secret, but what happens when Voldemort comes back for it?

Art & Icons
~ Mind Game by slytherinfiend [Voldemort, Harry, PG]
~ Suit Voldemort II by slytherinfiend [G] Waiting for his interview at Borgin and Burkes.
~ Cat and Mouse by slytherinfiend [Tom, Dumbledore, G]
~ Dark Magic by lillithium [Voldemort, G]

News & Opinions
~ AmericanStreetWitch wants recs for fics where Voldemort mentors/raises/lures Harry

Dark Lord links always welcome! Comment here, or email.

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