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Dark Lord News 90

~ The Silver Thimble by Senna Wales [Tom, Billy, PG-13] Billy Stubbs's rabbit... well, Tom said he didn't do it and I don't see how he could have done, but even so, it didn't hang itself from the rafters, did it?
~ He scares the other children by Possum132 [PG-13] A look at the orphanage scene from HBP, from the perspectives of Albus Dumbledore, Tom Riddle, and one of those sorely neglected Muggles.
~ Voldybear and the Three Wizards by Shivani/grazhir [Voldemort/Lucius, Voldemort/Severus, Voldemort/Harry, R] My take on a fractured fairytale. Featuring innocent, naive Voldemort Voldybear. Slash, crack, massive OOCness, camp.
~ Gryffindor, on the Cusp of Slytherin by pica_scribit [Tom/OFC, PG-13] A Gryffindor girl learns why Slytherin boys are better left alone.
~ drabbles: Tom Riddle/Eileen Prince series by juliesaintjust [PG-13]
~ updated: Circles by The Creatress, Ch. 2 [TR-LV/GW]
~ updated: Control Issues: Aftermath by Shivani/grazhir, Ch. 8 [LV/HP]
~ updated: Shaking the Doll by kcstories, Ch. 3 [TR/HG]
~ updated: Only the Beginning by Silent Falcon/falconfalmorgan, Ch. 10 [TR-LV/GW]
~ updated: Noir Et Blanc by Tsurai no Shi, Ch. 11 [TR/HP]
~ updated: Do Over by Mahalia Gaunt, Ch. 10 [TR/OC]
~ updated: Becoming Brothers by SisterDear, Ch. 3 [HP, TR]
~ updated: His Darkened Heart by Heart0fGlass, Ch. 7 [TR/GW]
~ updated: A Thread of Time by Eloise Yaxley, Ch. 6 [TR/HP]
~ started: Spiritus Mundi by shaitanah, Ch. 1-2 [Voldemort/Harry, R] The war is over. Harry, an Auror in training, tries to deal with the consequences of the Final Battle that has changed many lives including his. He receives an assignment to interrogate Voldemort who is a prisoner in his own dream world. The more Harry gets to know his former arch-nemesis, the more he questions his position in the post-war world. Life was undoubtedly easier when there were just the two of them...
~ started: Sweet Sacrifice by princess_schez, Prologue, Ch. 1 [Tom-Voldemort/Hermione, R] Evil is prevailing in the Wizarding world, and in the three years since the Trio's graduation from Hogwarts, things have only gotten worse. Every day for the past three years, the Death Eaters have kidnapped a young woman for Voldemort to torture and kill before sunrise. Hermione wants the brutality to end... at any cost...
~ started: Quills and Quest by lunalelle, Ch. 1-7 [Lupin/Snape/Tom, NC-17] They thought Voldemort was dead, but as Harry destroyed the last of the Horcruxes, he found a way to preserve the main part of his soul in one of his original Horcruxes. Once the Order finds the soul again, they are left with a question: whether or not what is left is the Dark Lord at all… and whether Snape and Lupin can have him for their own instead.
~ started: Dark Nights by Xeldomy, Ch. 1 [Tom/Harry, PG-13] In a world where Tom Marvolo Riddle was young, he gave hope to light but ushered darkness. In a world where Harry Potter had died in the Last Battle, his body was never found. In that world, there were tales of Tom, once having a lover, who was then lost to him from a magical malady. And unsurprisingly, Harry Potter was that man.
~ completed: Voldie's Book Club by cheryl_bites [Voldemort/Harry, Harry/Ginny, Draco/Ron, R] Voldemort is imprisoned and tortured. Harry visits him and gets off with him.
~ completed: Serendipity by macvanaly [Tom/Harry, R] Sometimes you find the most wonderful things in the most unlikely place... and time. "Harry... destroy me..." Tom said softly, "Destroy me... before I destroy everything..."

Art & Icons
~ Recklessness manip by ariana_master [Voldemort/Hermione, G]
~ Voldemort/Hermione icons by ariana_master
~ And Slytherin Scores The Snitch by slytherinfiend [Tom/Minerva, others, R]

News & Opinions
~ Maniac000 wants recs for fics where Ginny dies in the Chamber (gen or het)

Dark Lord links always welcome! Comment here, or email.

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