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Dark Lord News 96

~ All We Need Now Is a Hero by annephoenix [Voldemort/Ginny, Harry, Snape, NC-17] The destruction of the Dark Lord comes at a heavy price.
~ Never Ending Challenge by britty [Tom/Ginny, PG-13] How do you break someone who never seems to lose the will to fight? AU, mindfuck.
~ What Nightmares Are Made Of by jessicaqueen [Voldemort/Harry, Voldemort/Draco/Harry, R] After the war, Ginny still has terrible nightmares. Harry attempts to ease her mind, but is instead caught up in it.
~ Better Than the Rest by mandya06 [Tom/Minerva, R] Tom knows that he and Minerva are above all others... he just needs Minerva to know it too.
~ drabble: Merope's Boy by lady_fancypants [Tom, PG]
~ drabble: Intoxicated by potteresque_ire [Dementors, Voldemort, G]
~ updated: Spiritus Mundi by shaitanah, Ch. 8 [LV/HP]
~ updated: Circles by The Creatress, Ch. 4 [TR-LV/GW]
~ updated: Perfection by Natalie J/blueskypenguin, Ch. 5 [HP/TR/BL]
~ updated: Altered Destinies by DobbyElfLord, Ch. 29 [HP, TR]
~ updated: Fifty Years Ago by Aquiriis, Ch. 5 [TR/GW]
~ updated: Paraselenic by empyrealfantasy, Ch. 8 [TR-LV/HP]
~ updated: Shaking the Doll by kcstories, Ch. 10 [TR/HG]
~ updated: A Love Through Time by Kalia Clyde, Ch. 37-38 [TR/HG]
~ updated: All I have to do is die by TwilightNocturne74, Ch. 15 [TR/GW]
~ completed: Birds Of A Feather by kcstories [Tom/Draco, R] Fixing the broken cabinet seems like an impossible task for Draco, until he gets some unexpected help.

Art & Icons
~ The Annunciation by mneomosyne [Voldemort/Bellatrix, G]
~ Know Your Place by ponderosa121 [Tom/Snape, PG]
~ Make a Wish by hill_ [dead!Voldemort, vultures, PG]
~ Voldemort's Most Devout by kellyl [Voldemort, Snape, Wormtail, G]
~ Dark Tartan by slytherinfiend [Tom/Minerva, PG]
~ Night Visitor by slytherinfiend [Tom/Ginny, PG]
~ Luna's Seduction by tripperfunster [Tom/Luna, PG-13]
~ Protegé by pennswoods [Voldemort/Bellatrix, R]
~ Hot Seat by socialblunder4u [Voldemort, PG]
~ Draco's Sacrifice by pinkelephant42 [Harry/Draco, Voldemort, PG-13]
~ Tom Riddle banner by ryukoishida [G]
~ Tom/Ginny manips by falconfalmorgan [G]
~ Possession by ebailey140: a Tom/Ginny fanmix

News & Opinions
~ riddle_gifts: the Dark Lord fest has posted its master list of fics and art
~ vividscribbler wants recs for intelligent, sinister, charismatic, 3D Voldemort
~ fetishized_armadillo wants recs for HBP-compliant fics about Tom or Merope
~ elvenlady wants recs for novel-length Tom/Ginny fics

Dark Lord links welcome - comment here, or email.

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