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fic masterlist: Tom/Snape, Voldemort/Snape links


Basia Vitali by femmequixotic [NC-17]
"There were three kisses around which his life revolved." (SS/OMC, SS/LM, SS/LV, SS/DM)

Bruise Pristine by thereallyle [NC-17]
The Dark Lord abuses his power.

The Coming of Age by themostepotente [NC-17]
The Dark Lord has many ways to entice his followers. Darkfic, a smidge of bestiality, some dubious consent.

Consumption by soldurios/Malfoy Patriarch [NC-17]
Sequel to Infection. Someone is suffering from Stockholm's. Pairing: Snape/Tom Riddle, implied Snape/Voldemort.

The Daily Grind by wikdsushi [PG-13]
Just another day at the office. Humor. (LV/HP, LV/SS)

Dark Surf by dragons_muse/Vera [NC-17]
Severus goes diving for his past.

Dear God, I'm A Virgin by Calidus [PG-13]
Voldemort discovers something about himself.

Devil's Pet by Ratwoman [NC-17]
While being a Death Eater and Voldemort's favourite, Severus makes a shocking discovery.

Devotion and Not Wisely, but Well by iibnf [R]
"He loved Lord Voldemort. He had no choice."

The Father's Sin by soldurios/Malfoy Patriarch [NC-17]
Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.

Hips To Die For by anyro/any1 [R]
Voldemort/Snape. Written for Soawen's challenge: 'Even Lords bow to some.'

In the Death of the Night by mizzy2k
Severus Snape/Lord Voldemort. Response to the Snape Fuh-Q Fest challenge 52. "You can't do that with a Snitch" and my own personal challenge to see if you can write a fic to that challenge that doesn't degenerate into a PWP.

Infection by soldurios/Malfoy Patriarch [NC-17]
Peel back the layers of skin to find the real disease. A fic about redemption. Tom/Myrtle, Voldemort/Snape.

A Meeting With the Master by soawen [R]
Snape's first meeting with Lord Voldemort after GoF.

Negation by lynkemma [R]
On the rare occasions when he has nothing to do, Severus Snape sits back in his armchair by the fire and thinks idly of his betrayal.

Object Lesson by hypate/Erin LaCroix [NC-17]
"He hopes that one day Severus will come back to the fold and will become the person he used to be before Dumbledore corrupted him with his morals. Sixteen years. Dumbledore has had sixteen years to brainwash Severus. The Dark Lord doesn't have that much time to undo the damage." LV/SS, HP/others.

One Time Only by Karen [R]
Before creating the diary in CoS, Tom Riddle tried other means to move forwards in time. (Snape Fuh-Q-Fest challenge fic.)

Rival by moshi [R]
The moment Regulus Black fell to his knees in front of the Dark Lord, Severus knew he'd be a favourite. Voldemort/Regulus, Voldemort/Severus

Snakecharmer by scap3goat [R]
Even the Dark Lord once fell for someone. And despite these unknowing brats’ opinion Snape is somewhat charming.

Souvenir by M. E. Graves [NC-17]
Each mark is a souvenir of times long past.

Under the Skin by bitterfig [NC-17]
A young Severus Snape's brutal initiation into the service of the Dark Lord.

Weeping Willow by tboy [R]
A brief history of a damaged man. (Snape/Voldemort, Snape/Tree)

chaptered fics, complete

Black Eyed Boy by the original killerpineapple [PG-13]
I want to hurt you just to hear you calling my name. TR/SS.

Choosing Loyalties by ntamara [NC-17]
Ten minutes before Hagrid arrives to tell Harry of his wizarding parentage and destiny, Harry is kidnapped by a Voldemort-controlled Quirrell while Peter Pettigrew casts a doppelganger spell and takes Harry's place. SS/LV HP/SS HP/LV AD/SS

In Academia by wikdsushi [NC-17]
Prefect. Top student. Quidditch captain. Student Lord of Slytherin House. Severus Snape's expectations for his seventh year at Hogwarts are great beyond the dreams of avarice. Some people, however, have other ideas. (Explicit SS/LM, SS/SB, SS/PP, SS/Avery, SS/LV; non-explicit SS/TR, SS/RL; implied SS/JP, SS/OMC, SS/OFC, SS/LE.)

The Hallelujah Series by dien/Lady Dien Alcyone [R]
Snape/Dumbledore, Snape/Voldemort.

The Lack of Morals Arc by zaganthi and tzi (Kat Reitz and Tzigane) [NC-17]
Two Malfoys, one Snape, and history has a bad habit of repeating itself. SS/LM, SS/DM, SS/LV.

Tale of the Traitor by l'Ciel [NC-17]
After returning to his right mind and body, the Dark Lord also regains his libido. Prey to his hunt is the traitor Severus Snape, who suffers the dark one’s urges, until it all gets too much… Will he find a way out of that vicious circle of influence, pain and lust?

Tempus Reversit by ms_katonic [R]
When a magical accident in the heat of battle sends Harry and Snape back to 1943, it's a golden opportunity for a fresh start. But destiny is not so easy to escape, especially when Tom Riddle starts taking an interest. Harry/Snape, Tom/Snape.

Biding Time by Snape's Nightie [R]
Severus Snape's career changes dramatically after Voldemort wins the war. Not entirely consensual SS/LV slash. Choose your own ending!

chaptered fics, in progress

Coil of the Serpent by ladyofarundel [NC-17]
A new look at Voldemort's first rise and fall from power. What if Voldemort's crusade against the Light was driven not just by a thirst for power, but out of the desire to protect those he loved and creating a better world for everyone? Not your typical TR/SS Romance. Mpreg. [dormant WIP]

For All Joy Wants Eternity by carcharias/katzenhai [NC-17]
Severus joins the Dark Lord as a very young man - and has to live with the horrible consequences ever after. LV/SS, SS/RL.

Mythus of Dark Airt, The by RocketSolarCat [PG-13]
AU Snape-Tom Riddle fic. Snape is having visions, they strike him when he least expects it, or do they? That doesn't begin to explain the other things going wrong. Strange fic! [dormant WIP]

other TR-LV/Snape resources
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~ Yahoo lists: none
~ SCUSA thread at FAP: H.M.S. Black-Eyed Serpent, and cruisin' fic thread

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Other masterlists: TR-LV/Harry, TR-LV/Ginny, TR-LV/Albus, TR-LV/Malfoys, TR-LV/Minerva, TR-LV miscellaneous pairings. And the TR-LV/Hermione masterlist is at hgtrlv_archive, maintained by lunalelle.

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  • Dark Lord News 97

    Fic ~ The Greatest Sin by HKBlack [Tom, PG-13] Voldemort creates his first Horcrux. ~ Nothing is Impossible by tudorrose1533

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