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fic masterlist: TR-LV miscellaneous pairings

Tom/Voldemort selfslash | Arthur | Bellatrix | Binns | Blaise | Cedric | Cho | Crossovers | Dolohov | Eileen Prince | Fudge | Golgomath | Goyle | Hagrid | James | Krum | Lily | Lockhart | Luna | Molly | Moody | Mulciber | Multiple Pairings | Myrtle | Narcissa | Original Characters | Pansy | Peeves | Percy | Peter | Petunia | Rabastan | Real Person | Regulus | Remus | Ron | Sinistra | Sirius | Slughorn | Snakes | Tonks | Trelawney | Umbridge


Tarot by misentropic/Nemesis [PG-13]
"On the floor of the empty classroom he sits cross-legged, dust and candlelight his only company..."

Whispers in the Dark by wikdsushi [PG]
Time is perhaps not so concrete as it might first seem.

Both and Neither by wikdsushi [NC-17]
"One spell left him as dry and sterile as grass in winter; years later, when his body had otherwise almost recovered, the next curse demanded his seed so that he might be reborn of himself."

Himself by moshi [NC-17]
"Sometimes it feels like a life time has passed by since anyone dared to touch him."

Between the Lines by captainjames [PG-13]
Voldemort remembers being given a diary when he was sixteen, by a man who looked remarkably like he himself looks now. Maybe it's time to pay a visit to his younger self...

Riddle's Little Problem by batsutousai [R]
An accident has separated Tom Riddle from Lord Voldemort. What will the Dark Lord do now that he's free from Tom's conscious? How much will Tom have to suffer at the hand of his other half? And what can Harry Potter do to help? [WIP]

Imago in Speculum by Sadademort [Voldemort/Voldemort, R]
Image in a Mirror. There are other worlds, you know. They exist. Like this world, yet so different. There is you, and then there is the other you. There is the reality, and then there is the fandom.

Arthur Weasley

Untitled by soldurios/Malfoy Patriarch [NC-17]
Arthur/Tom Riddle - 25 drabble series. Time travel. Chan.

Bellatrix [bellatrixtom, S.S. Immortal Beloved]

Guilty by Fate by switchknife [NC-17]
Oedipus finds the next best thing. Voldemort/Bellatrix, child abuse, incest, prostitution. AU.

Me And My Mistress, The Princess by starflowers/Cinnamon [R]
As Bellatrix slipped into a cold and unforgiving madness, which shivered and giggled on all sides of the fortress, her mind slipped backwards and forwards over memories, like a particular tongue over an endless expanse of exposed flesh.

Not About Love by starrysummer [R]
Power, hatred, lust, a common goal... in Bellatrix Black-Lestrange's world, nothing is about love. What may have once been leaves her only with an unrequited hatred, and a renewed quest for power.

Mine by starrysummer [R]
Even without trust and love, there is still desire and with it envy. Voldemort/Bellatrix/Lucius.

My Greatest Downfall by Silver Ice-Dragon [NC-17]
Love is one of the greatest powers, but for Bellatrix Lestrange, it's her greatest downfall.

Good Red Ink by orange_crushed [PG]
On Tom Riddle's diary, and innocence lost.

Fifty-Three by shalnyx [R]
This is an endcap to Book 5. The challenge behind this was to capture Voldemort's reaction after the attack on the Dept of Mysteries, and how pissed he would be about the multiple layers of failure.

Beautiful by Kralia [PG-13]
People change and it is unhealthy to be in love with a memory.

Rescue by Ink and Parchment [PG-13]
She alone was faithful. What will she recieve as a reward? Is there more to him than we know? (WIP)

Tiles by ParadoxOfInfinity [G]
The tales of her life were like the tiles of a mosaic. She could never figure out what the picture will be until they're all pieced together, until it's too late. (WIP)

Once Upon Your Dead Body by xxwakeupdead [NC-17]
The Dark Lord punishes Bellatrix.

Nothing by imaginaryalice [R]
Takes place just after the botched Ministry mission with flashbacks to earlier moments in the relationship.


All of the Houses are Gone Under the Sea by alibi_factory [R]
Riddle/Binns; Remus/Harry; Draco/Snape. Tom kills another man for the first time; Remus mourns the loss of those he loves; Draco tries to choke to death on his own pride. Everyone is miserable, but that's not really the theme.

Semaphores by alibi_factory [PG]
with the piteous gestures and sad looks of signals in the rain

Blaise Zabini

by_starkiller's Tom/Blaise fics

Pen and Ink by kashuarashi [PG-13]
Blaise glared down at the diary in his lap, disappointed. It was empty. Not so much as a drop of ink.

I'll Have Your Nightmares for You by g_shadowslayer [R]
Tom Riddle is back, but not whole.

Like Nothing At All by greenapricot [PG]
Blaise could just make out the prefect badge, which almost looked like Draco's but not quite, as their hands met.

Cedric Diggory [cedricvoldemort]

Black Robes Swishing by emcue [PG-13]
“Come on, Tom!” cried one of the other children in the orphanage. “Come play with us!”

Dark Lord of My Heart by krissielee [G]
A collection of funny C/V shorts. Meant to be humorous, not serious.

Cho Chang [H.M.S. Darkness of Night]

Tom, Tom, Tom by platoapproved/Rose [PG-13]
A maiden into her garden did go.


Riddles of the Dead by maeglinyedi [NC-17]
Tom Riddle is in need of an expert in archeology during his travels after Hogwarts. He gets the best. But whether that's good enough for him remains to be seen. (Tom Riddle/Indiana Jones)

To Ride the Electric Serpent by wikdsushi [R]
Punishment, Voldie-style. (Voldemort/Pikachu)

The Toothpick of Evil by soawen [R]
Lord Voldemort returned from the dead (or at least from the spirit form) a changed man. (Voldemort/Mr Bean)


Ubermensch by nicolae [NC-17]
"You must understand that while it pleases me to let you have me, you aren't in charge." 1948. We'll always have Paris... (Riddle/Dolohov)

Eileen Prince

The Proposal by Ananke Adrasteia [PG-13]
A Riddle and a Prince unite against a common enemy. AU.

What Muggles and Mudbloods Do by yesIam [R]
Young Tom Riddle decides that no one should know more then he does.

Tom Riddle and the Pure-Blood Prince by PensievePerson [PG-13]
It's Tom Riddle's fifth year (1942-1943) and he is about to open the Chamber of Secrets. Eileen Prince (Snape's mother) becomes another follower of his. She is in love with Tom Riddle and believes the boy Voldemort can return her love! Find out how and why this wealthy pure-blood girl marries a horrible muggle named Tobias Snape. (WIP)


Like Light by marvolo/mafaldaweasley [R]
Tom's adventures in Paris, post-Hogwarts and pre-Potters. Tom/Cornelius Fudge.

Lime by wired_lizard/Arkady [PG]
When an awkward boy wants to be a prefect, what can he do but ask help from the best and brightest? A moment in the life of Cornelius Fudge, the moment he decides to visit Tom Riddle. Counsel given in a most Slytherin manner.

The Nothing Language by tomcanty [R]
Cornelius Fudge invites Tom Riddle to come to dinner with him and his friends. (Tom/OFC, Tom/Fudge)


Born to Greatness by anathdemalfoy [R]
Some early episodes from the life of a future Dark Lord.


Binding Us Together by pandorabox82 [PG-13]
Who was the first owner of Tom's Diary, and how did it end up in Lucius' hands?

Hagrid [S.S. Monster Loving]

The Perfect Prefect by yesIam [NC-17]
Student Hagrid is meeting in secret with someone. D/s (Tom Riddle/Rubeus Hagrid)

Gods and Monsters by monochromal/Amalin [PG]
Tea, melting shadows, and puppies. How sweet. (Tom/Hagrid)

James [S.S. Darkened Prongs]

The Choir Invisible by nimori [NC-17]
Death is almost watching Voldemort. (Voldemort/Dead!James necrophilia)

Nothing to be Done and For Fear a Traitor Makes by voldiespet and nimori [NC-17]
Challenge: "Having nothing, nothing can he lose."- (Act III Scene III) - King Henry the Sixth Part III

Keeping Him Safe by snapetoy [NC-17]
Harry is brought before the Dark Lord and finds James Potter alive. How far will his father go to keep him safe? (Harry/James/Voldemort)

Delicate Old Injuries by kennahijja [NC-17]
On Halloween Night 1981, James and Lily Potter were killed by the Dark Lord. But why did he go after the Potters first, instead of the Longbottoms? (JP/LV, JP/LM)

Masters in the Hall by Tenshi [PG]
Not your typical Hogwarts Christmas.

Riddle Me This by golden_helikaon [R]
AU. When James is expelled from school, he has no parents or home to go to. One night he meets a man in a bar, an older man who charms his way into the teenager’s distressed life.


Synesthesia by theo_fabula/Theodor [PG]
Private deaths and public deaths, the mixing of senses.

Lily [S.S. Avada Kedavra]

Satiation by shakespearechic [NC-17]
Features dark!Lily and classic!Tom.

A Personal Invitation by rillathegrape [R]
Slughorn introduces Lily to Voldemort, leading to an intriguing invitation.

The Moment by Ginny Rigby [PG]
Why did Lily have a chance to become a shield for Harry? Why did Voldemort not kill her automatically? Why did he give her a chance to live?

Boredom's End by adux [R]
Voldemort goes to visit his old friend, Professor Slughorn, after being turned down for a job by Headmaster Dumbledore. He desperately seeks relief from the boredom that tortures him so.

in her, the fresh miracle of surprise by nokomis305 [PG]
"Who are you?" she managed, staring at the tall, handsome boy with familiar dark hair and cold eyes.

Pieces of a Dream by Queenbeth2 [R]
AU. Lily Evans didn't expect that responding to what she thought was a friend would turn out to be the biggest mistake of her life. (WIP)

Lockhart [S.S. Pink Passions]

Sometimes Haircare Isn't Enough by Baroness von Looney [PG]
What happens when two of the wizarding world's greatest egos meet? Set before CoS, Gilderoy Lockhart stumbles across an enchanted diary, and promptly falls for Tom Riddle. Silliness ensues.

You Can Never Escape by pogrebin [PG-13]
“Memories are films about ghosts.” A Tom/Lockhart ficlet.

Untitled by pigwidgeon37 [PG-13]
Lord Voldemort let out an angry hiss. "I know it's a broom cupboard, you mush-brained son of a crash dummy. But this is all the privacy we can get. Now take those trousers off."

Luna [HMS Black Dreamer]

The Web of a Thousand Spiders by nokomis305 [PG-13]
Power, she senses. This paper is power.

A Little Lunacy by BellonaBellatrix/bellonablack [R]
All good plans go awry sometimes. Luna can attest to that. Her first year was a strange one, and Luna decides to take matters into her own hands. In her sixth, she sees too much and pays the price. Tom/Luna. (WIP)

The Hunter's Moon by BellonaBellatrix/bellonablack [PG]
After the war, Draco Malfoy receives a visitor from the Dark Lord. Draco/Luna, Tom/Luna. (WIP)

All Things Eventual by BellonaBellatrix/bellonablack [R]
Luna has some odd company during the war...and after. Lucius/Luna, Tom/Luna.

Twelve Dark Moons by sophiax_ndp [R]
As a captive of Lord Voldemort, Luna Lovegood never thought she would live beyond the first 24 hours. Saved at first by her quick wit, Luna learns the depth of human evil... and becomes the Dark Lord's greatest weakness. Eventually LV/LL. (WIP)

Molly Weasley [S.S. Fading Innocence]

Rapidly Fading Innocence by sillyriddles [PG-13]
Molly Weasley has no secrets to hide, right? Wrong. Long ago, just a girl out of Hogwarts, just broken up with a sweet, lovable boyfriend Arthur, she is working in a pub when she meets a strange man with a charming smile. He seems...great. Little does she know how dangerous he really is. [dormant WIP]

HMS Voldiewobbles by chinchilla-in-a-bowl [PG]
"You see I had to turn myself into a man you, anybody would love. You see at the end of the day, all I, the great Lord Voldemort wanted, was ….a cuddle."


A Lexicon of Serpents by wired_lizard/Arkady [R]
Hogwarts, 1943. A tale of two sixth-years, their attempts to deal with unreasonable emotions, and their equally unreasonable relationship. Chess, Quidditch, enchanted trousers, best friends, fellow prefects, slumbering professors, tragic pasts, and dangerous futures set the scene. Or, Tom Riddle and Alastor Moody do the Gryff/Slyth thing. [WIP]

Untitled by biichan [NC-17]
No. He wasn't going to think about that. Wasn't going to remember. Not when forever barely lasted a few years after leaving Hogwarts.

Thou Good and Faithful Servant by biichan [R]
Tom Riddle/Alastor Moody, Lord Voldemort/Crouch-as-Moody. Warnings: Blood fetish. Unorthodox use of the Cruciatus curse. Pre-OotP and thus AU.

Taken by starrysummer [NC-17]
Not all people can be bought and sold. Some must be taken. Riddle/McGonagall/Moody.

Midnight Encounter by ellensmithee [NC-17]
Tom Riddle/Alastor Moody. Slash. Underage (6th year). Ficlet.

Love? by soldurios/Malfoy Patriarch [PG-13]
Riddle/Moody, 420 words.

Not To Send Peace by biichan [NC-17]
Knockturn Alley, 1948.


Return to Serve by leianora [R]
Lord Voldemort rewards those who serve him loyally in some rather odd ways.

Multiple Pairings

The Cheap Mechanics of Melodrama by pogrebin [NC-17]
AU. Tom/Draco, Tom/Ron, Tom/Voldemort & implied Tom/Harry and Tom/Ginny.

The Riddle by soldurios/Malfoy Patriarch [NC-17]
Moody/Riddle, Moody/Arthur, Riddle/OMC, Voldemort/Walden/Lucius. Riddle and Moody explore their differences and come to an agreement of sorts. One that involves manipulation, vilification, a bit of pedophilia, and even a smattering of necrophilia on the side.

Lord Voldemort's Diary by violet_quill [R]
Voldemort/various DEs, LM/SS. Not quite a year in the world of Death Eater orgies, world domination, and good hair.

Myrtle [S.S. Crying Basilisk, H.M.S. Ghostly and Ghastly]

To Lose a Soul by skysage [PG-13]
It was the final nail in the coffin Tom Riddle had made for his soul... the one death he never wanted to happen.

And the Ghost of Love by blueyeti [PG-13]
"You were the boy in the bathroom. You… you were… you killed me."

Casts No Shadow by ishafel [R]
There are few things worth killing for. One of them is immortality.

Death Eater by anjenue [NC-17]
She was still warm. One shot; Tom/Myrtle. Dark. Warning: necrophilia.

And The Mudblood Moaned No More by adux [R]
How Moaning Myrtle really died.

Not Like the Other Girls by fleshdress [PG-13]
He's beneath the brooding sky, gazing out over the storm-cloud swell of the sea's waves when he feels the first pulse of magic roll against his bones.

Fatal Love by SeriouslySnoggingSirius [PG]
She lets out a piercing cry and plunges into the icy water of her favorite toilet to sit unhappily in the u-bend and wait for him to come back to her.

the desire of the moth for the star by absinthe_lust [NC-17]
The most important thing, he soon realized, was that he had no equal. (Tom/Minerva, Tom/Albus, Tom/Myrtle)


A Doll for Mr. Riddle by pansydarkbloom [R]
She might've torn, ripped. She might've collapsed with his kiss (indeed he would have weakened with hers). And so he let her remain an untouchable trinket, so expensive but much too delicate, a living ghost to add to his collection.

Original Characters

All Things Come Around by S. Hart [PG-13]
Tom Riddle, a young vulnerable boy, falls in love with another. A younger muggleborn that could easily capture the dangerous Tom. The story shapes itself around their romance and the problems they've experienced past, present and future. Currently: 1945. (TR/OMC, WIP)

April 20 by tomcanty [R]
At first, Tom actually has nothing for Nazis. He doesn't think much of them at all: they failed, after all... (TR/OMC)

Awaken by capitalflash [NC-17]
snakes, blood, repression and power. (TR/OMC)

Dreamwalk Blue by viola_dreamwalk [PG-13]
In which we find important dreams, Albus Dumbledore: Ladies' Man, & a young Tom Riddle doing the Lindy Hop. WIP. (TR/OFC)

Maeglin Yedi and the Order of the Serpent by maeglinyedi [NC-17]
What if you woke up in Riddle Mansion? Parody.

A Map of Our Failures by pogrebin [R]
Tom. May 10th, 1933. Languages create deities. Warning for Nazis. (TR/OMC)

Mistaken by maelwaedd [R]
Hogwarts is a big place, and Tom Riddle is lost. An older boy finds him. (TR/Weasley!OMC)

The Night Visitor by Just Silver [R]
Late one night, Tom recieves an unexpected guest. (TR/Demon!OMC)

The Only One He Ever Feared by Lina84 [PG-13]
The decline of a boy's soul; Tom Marvolo Riddle during his final years as a human...and my version of how Voldemort was born. The death of a soul and the birth of a monster, and Dumbledore caught up in between. (TR/AD, TR/Malfoy!OMC)

Out of Shadow by sophiax_ndp [R]
In the post-apocalyptic world of the 22nd Century, Voldemort rules all. The Resistance sends the Weasley family's last descendant back in time to the year 1943 to kill the boy Lord Voldemort once was: Tom Riddle.

The Perils of Confusing Liquors by Sara Jane [PG-13]
Tom Marvolo Riddle is in his seventh year at Hogwarts. He needs a girlfriend to help his image. Will the girl he so offhandedly and dispassionately picked win his heart? Is Tom really a loving, innocent soul? Um... NO.
Of Serpentine Etiquette by Sara Jane [R]
On what may be the happiest day of Tom Riddle's life, he visits the grave of one of his victims for a lark. We learn that snakes are always unfailingly polite, that Tom likes to mangle Shakespeare, and that trite similies praising eye-color are not exclusive to fanfiction. Or, perhaps they are.

The Serpentine Chain by fidelis_haven [R]
Hogwarts 1943, the year after Riddle opened the Chamber of Secrets: Beauxbatons has fallen as Grindelwald’s forces threaten Europe, but is it so much safer in Britain? Family loyalty is everything for certain Slytherins who will learn that there’s a very fine line between Light and the Dark. WIP. (TR/OFC)

Snake Honey by rhoddlet [PG-13]
Sweetness, light, first boyfriend. (TR/OMC)

Vanity by chalet beauregard [R]
Tom Riddle manipulates a fellow Slytherin and as he uses her, she watches his ambition grow and his dreams become a reality. Period piece set in the 1943-1944 Hogwarts school year, meaning Tom is in his sixth year. WIP.

Pansy Parkinson [tom_loves_pansy, S.S. Bad Faith]

Black Widow by fourth_rose [NC-17]
The last thing a happily married woman would expect is a stranger's seductive voice in her mind. Yet in the magical city of Prague, the past catches up with Pansy Malfoy and forces her to decide where her true loyalties lie. (Pansy/Tom Riddle)

Loyalties by spectacular [R]
R for language, angst, Ginny bashing, violence and death. Pairings: Ron/Pansy, Tom/Pansy, Harry/Draco, Blaise/Millicent, and implied unrequited Ginny/Harry, Ginny/Tom and Hermione/Ron.

Marionnette by spectacular [R]
Tom is evil; He kills, he destroys and he never has regrets. But what if he did? A short ficlet focussing on a couple that was never destined for happily ever after.

Dance Lessons by delz [PG]
Silly little girl coming from whatever past or future; one can always tell when another does not belong.

The End by delz [PG-13]
Pansy Parkinson did not think her life would end in such a way.

The Lord's Whore by coffeewriter [NC-17]
Pansy was sitting on the edge of the balcony in only a long shirt, a wine bottle in hand. She wasn’t drunk, really. She’d only taken two sips, and then decided that Tom needed a better selection of wine. The rest was just for show.

Peeves the Poltergeist

A Spell Gone Wrong by fidelis_haven [R]
A Spell Gone Wrong and an Embarrassing Revelation. (Tom/Peeves)

Percy Weasley [S.S. Brains For a Dictator]

Penmanship by marvolo/mafaldaweasley [R]
when memories consume.

Phantoms by skylark97/Kimagure [R]
A sort of dark 'what if' scene from CoS involving Percy and Tom Riddle.

Propriety by elynrae/holographis [PG-13]
Perfect prefect, prefect Percy is given his sister's diary.

Snakeboy by ztrin [R]
Percy finds the oddest things, sometimes. Tom Riddle's diary is one of those things.

The Path of Least Resistance by capitalflash [R]
What will come, will come.

Trust by Decree by maelwaedd and srichard [NC-17]
Voldemort learns the perfect way to ensure Percy's loyalty. (Voldemort/Percy/Nagini)

We're Not So Different by OCDdegrassi [R]
Percy gets transfered back in time and finds a guy that's not so different from himself. Eventual Percy/Tom Riddle Slash. WIP

To Reveal Secrets by Hatori Soma [R]
What if Percy was the one who had found Tom Riddle's Diary amongst his things and HE was the one manipulated? Worst of all, what if the young Dark Lord fell in love with his puppet, Percy, and decided to keep him, forever? WIP

Was Erlenkönig mir leise verspricht by nights_mistress [PG-13]
Percy, having watched his sister fade away into a battered black book, confronts the inhabitant. However, Tom Riddle is unimpressed by Gryffindor bravery and uses Percy in a similar manner to his sister.

Green for Snakes by rhoddlet [PG-13]
Percy and Tom, but not precisely Percy/Tom.
Afterwards by rhoddlet [NC-17]
Percy/Tom, rated NC-17 for sex and bad lifestyle choices.
Ghost by rhoddlet [NC-17]
Based on the old Chinese stories about men falling in love with ghosts. NC-17 for sexual content. Percy/Tom.
Winter by rhoddlet [R]
Percy and Tom, winter and wands. A hard R for Percy/Tom and other suggested chanhet.
The Sweetest Fruit by rhoddlet [R]
Yet more Percy/Tom, but with oranges and dust and Penny this time. A touch of Cedric Diggory too, on the side. R for sexual conduct and general weirdness.

Peter Pettigrew

Illusions by ani_bester[R]
Once hurt and alone, Peter finds himself in a seemingly perfect relationship only to discover that not everything is what it seems and a kind mask can hide a monster.

A Summer's Afternoon by ntamara [NC-17]
During the summer holidays, Peter ventures out into Diagon Alley in his animagus form. He is in for a most unpleasant surprise.
A Night In Spring by ntamara [R]
Some invitations cannot be turned down. Sequel to A Summer's Afternoon.

To Burn So Brightly by theladyfeylene [R]
Peter wants something more than petty Ministry politics and wondering if the war will take his life the next day.

A Man of Worth by belleweather [NC-17]
Peter/Voldemort with a dash of James/Sirius.

Salvation by ishafel [NC-17]
Peter Pettigrew/ Voldemort. For aristide, who requested Non-con, sex in a church, pre-Halloween '81.

The Road to Hell by alisanne [NC-17]
Given the choice between love and desire, Peter chooses desire and sets in motion events that will change a world.


The Queerest Match by irishileana [PG-13]
Voldie and Petunia, sitting in a tree . . . well, this is just for fun.

Rabastan Lestrange

Jasmine and Butter and Bread by spessartine [R]
The ballroom at midnight. Tom/Rabastan, Bellatrix/Rabastan.

Real Person

Silhouette by pogrebin [R]
dust&dry air&dehydration. same universe as A Map of Our Failures. Rudolf Hess/Tom.

Agony Aunt by circe_tigana [PG-13]
Dominic Monaghan (Merry in Lord of the Rings) discovers Tom Riddle's diary on the New Zealand set.

Regulus Black

Regulus by circeniko [PG-13]
Regulus can't seem to keep what he loves.

Rival by moshi [R]
The moment Regulus Black fell to his knees in front of the Dark Lord, Severus knew he'd be a favourite. Voldemort/Regulus, Voldemort/Severus.

Remus Lupin

Grey by rynne [NC-17]
Tom Riddle seduces those he wants to his side through any means possible--or at least he tries.

Olfactory Events by dragons_muse/Vera [NC-17]
In which Remus is a rentboy and the wolf finds its alpha.

Wolf, Man and Monster by theladyfeylene [NC-17]
During the first war, Remus is taken prisoner and learns that pleasure can be a worse punishment than pain. Dubious consent. Lucius/Remus/Voldemort.

Silver Snake by Eleonora1 [PG-13]
The Light side has always been stronger because Lord Voldemort doesn't know love. As a result of a bond with one Remus Lupin, however, the Dark Lord finally understands what love is. The question is, can Light still win him?

Lupin Triumphant by accio_arse [NC-17]
Lupin and Voldemort meet. Sex happens. Lupin takes control. Lucius is jealous. (Lupin/Voldemort, Lupin/Snape, Lupin/Lucius, Lucius/Rodolphus, Lucius/Voldemort, non-con, slight bondage)

Ron Weasley

Captive by moreteadk [NC-17]
During the war, Ron is captured by Death Eaters. Voldemort searches in vain for information on Harry's whereabouts, but finds other uses for his prisoner instead.

Love Stethoscope by Drusilla Williams/frayed1989 [R]
A challenge from fanfic100. After the war, 22-year-old Ron Weasley travels back in time and meets 15-year-old Tom Riddle. (WIP)


Crotchless Stockings by CTrinity [NC-17]
Done for a challenge: write a smut ficlet with Lord Voldemort, Professor Sinistra, and a pair of fishnet stockings. This tryst in the Astronomy Tower features lots of mind games and a very dominant Lord Voldemort.

Sirius Black

All The Small Things by maeglinyedi [NC-17]
Of Evil Overlords, thick-headed Gryffindors and little wizards who are too curious for their own good.

Before the World Was Made by maeglinyedi [NC-17]
Sirius comes up with a plan to get redemption for a horrible mistake he´s made, and he hopes to save the Wizarding world in the process. But who will save Sirius?

Leave a Puppy Unattended by cave_canem/ferox [R]
Christmas of Sirius’s seventh year finds him alone in Hogwarts. Like any good puppy, he gets into trouble - lots of it. Deep trouble.

Slipped Leash by cave_canem/ferox [R]
Sirius - still getting in over his head on the side. He doesn't count on the changes a few years, a lot of makeup, and a potion or two have on Snape. aka: This is your Snape. This is your Snape on goth while ingesting dubious potions. Takes place two years after Leave a Puppy Unattended. SB/TR, SB/SS.


In Every Word by copperbadge [PG-13]

Double Penetration by _hannelore [NC-17]
Slughorn/Riddle/Dumbledore. Tom Riddle gets what he wants and Slughorn does too.

Slughorn/Tom drabble-ficlet sequence by soldurios/Malfoy Patriarch [NC-17]
Death, Broken, Revelations, Poisoned Honey, Contamination, Rumination, Layers, The Hidden Riddle, Follow-up, Culmination.

Slughorn/Tom drabble-ficlet sequence by tcregan [NC-17]
"Crystallized pineapple! My favorite. How did you know?" Slughorn ruffled Tom's hair.

The Power of Suggestion by lunalelle [NC-17]
Horace Slughorn plays his games for pleasure. Tom Riddle plays his games for turnabout.

Horcruxex by Walter O'Dim [R]
Horace Slughorn had a good reason to withhold his memory about Horcruxes, as Harry and Dumbledore find out...


Goodnight Hiss by apatheticevil/Flanna [R]
Young Tom loves his pet snake. A lot.

Returning to Life by florahart [R]
Riddle/Basilisk ficlet.

Comin' Round the Mountain by chazpure [NC-17]
Lord Voldemort is bored, bored, bored. Humor. Warnings: Dark Lord Wankage, elapine genitalia, quasi-bestiality, and gratuitous train set abuse. (LV/Nagini)

The Weighted Tongue by graeae [NC-17]
A secret admirer shares further secrets. Dumbledore/Riddle/Basilisk.

The Serpent Kills by Anaria Nothren [R]
His heart constricts along with her long tail and for a moment, just that minor second, Tom understands affections and perhaps the need to weep, bleed, and protect. This is all, of course, before he becomes another creature... free of the traditional views of love. (Tom/Nagini)


How She Won the War by anathdemalfoy [R]
Sometimes wartime requires desperate measures to attain victory!

Trelawney [S.S. Predicting Deaths]

Through the Looking Glass Named Desire by tartanshell [R]
Sibyll Trelawney is desperate for her heart's deepest desire, bitter, and not entirely sane. Perhaps she wasn't fit for the task given her, not when a boy from fifty years ago haunts her days and lives in her dreams...

Umbridge [S.S. Ultimate Revenge]

Spider's Kiss by lunalelle [R]
Voldemort/Umbridge. "She should have read about the plague of locusts and flies and inexplicable deaths of the first born sons of every witch and wizard who had brought her to this. Instead, she had this view from her window."

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