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Dark Lord News

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the Riddle and Voldemort weekly newsletter
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This is a weekly newsletter for anything to do with Tom Riddle or Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter fandom. It provides links to gen things and shippy things - any pairing, any rating: fics, art, recs, icons, discussions, essays, rants, searches, questions, challenges, RPGs, updates. Whatever, as long as it's about the Dark Lord or the Gaunt family.

If you have a link to offer, kindly comment on an existing post or email [minervamctabby @ yahoo dot com dot au]. Since this isn't a recs list, inclusion of links won't be based on my personal taste alone - but I won't link to things with horrid grammar, because I'm twitchy that way.

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Fic Masterlist posts [collection in progress]


Dark Lord Communities
Dystopia: a broad-ranging Riddle and Voldemort archive, run by s8219.

darklord_news is eating breadcrumbs on the trail blazed by daily_snitch, hogwarts_today, and quibbler_report. It's also part of the bandwagon that'll doubtless be remembered as the Great Newsletter Boom of 2005. More HP fandom newsletters and recsletters:

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